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Energy Performance Certificate

What is an EPC?

Created by a professional, an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate creates a score for how energy efficient a property is


Every property receives a rating, with the most inefficient properties receiving a G, and the best and most efficient getting an A. Average scores for UK properties are usually between D and E, but it's worth bearing in mind that legislation is being considered by the government that will require landlords, and potentially all property owners, to make sure their property has an EPC rating of C or better


Current government plans from 2025 will ensure that any new residential tenancy agreement will require the property to have an EPC rating of at least C before the new tenant can move in.

Do I need an EPC?

In order to market a property to buy or rent, an up to date EPC is a legal requirement. So if you're planning to sell or let, it's pretty simple - yes, you will need an EPC


Even properties with existing tenants will now require one, too. And if you're looking to remortgage, the likelihood is that you will need an up to date EPC. It's worth bearing in mind that some mortgage lenders are offering better mortgage rates for energy efficient homes. 

The good news is that every EPC is valid for a period of 10 years. To find out whether your property already has one, visit

Where can I get an EPC?

In order to complete EPCs, you must be a qualified, registered Domestic Energy Assessor

To book your EPC through Home Surveying, get in touch. 

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What if I need more than just an EPC?

We're very conscious that an EPC might not be sufficient to fulfil all of your home energy needs.


Although an EPC does give you a simple list of items that can be improved to improve your EPC rating, it's often difficult to see the wood for the trees. And it's worth bearing in mind that an EPC might include recommendations for additional insulation, without considering the need for a joined up ventilation plan to prevent the build up of damp and mould

That's where our Home Energy Report comes in. It's been developed to make sure you have a plan. It can be targeted to achieve the goals you really need to deliver, and gives you a much more detailed picture of the steps you can take to protect your asset, support your tenants and reduce your bills

As the cost of energy continues to increase, and new government requirements around the corner, now might be the time to get a plan

continued advice

helping to turn the plan into reality

The Home Energy Report is designed for action - so we'll do everything we can to help you to turn our advice into reality and make a material difference to the life of your family and your impact on the environment. 

We'll be in touch with you directly shortly after your report has been sent through. We'll be there help to answer any queries you might have, and work with you to help guide your next steps

If we've flagged any potential grants, we'll do whatever we can to help you to access them, and we'll always be here to flag any new initiatives or great deals - such as better mortgage rates - that you might be able to access because of your green credentials

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