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Home Energy Report

Did you know that homes in Britain are among the leakiest in Europe? That means they need more energy to get them warm, and more energy again to keep them that way. 

At home, our mission is to make Britain's homes greener, more energy efficient and cheaper to run.


Our Home Energy Report is designed to answer the questions you're really interested in, and give you a plan to make a real difference to the environment, and your back pocket.  

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making plans

getting in action, now

There has never been a more important time to take action to improve the energy efficiency of your property. 

Whether you're a landlord with rental stock that will soon become obsolete, a tenant or a homeowner with rapidly escalating energy bills, now is the time to look at the situation in your home, and make a plan about how to improve it. 

This graphic shows the many ways in which your property could be losing warmth, and that's before considering greener sources of energy. At home we're here to help you to consider all the options, and make the best plan for you and your needs. 

protect the value of your property

remarkable numbers

Research undertaken by home alongside our sister company enable has revealed the stark contrast between the value of properties with an EPC of C or above, compared to those rated D or below. 

Not only that, but mortgages are now increasingly difficult to find, and more expensive, for properties rated D or below. 

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the clock is ticking

EPC deadlines are coming from 2024 onwards

If your property doesn't currently have an EPC rating of at least C or above, there are two deadlines you need to be aware of. 

From 2025, you will no longer be able to rent your property to new tenants. 

And from 2028, you won't even be able to continue renting to tenants who already live there. 

And even now, you'll find that banks will be increasingly reluctant to lend to you, especially if you're looking at a buy to let mortgage. 

Reaching an EPC of C or above will resolve those issues, as well as saving money and reducing the carbon footprint of your property in the process. 

changing legislation

squeezing out private landlords and promoting the green economy

Legislation continues to be passed which is actively designed to squeeze out private landlords, while promoting greener solutions to the country's energy needs continues to be a government focus. 

With 4.1m tenanted properties across the UK, and around 3.4m of them achieving an EPC of D or below, it's clear that action is needed urgently. 

We're keen to help you to get a plan in place before contractors get too busy, and the cost of materials continues to rise exponentially.


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changing world

increasing consciousness among all demographics

It's impossible to miss the ongoing increases in the cost of living, and especially energy and fuel bills, in recent months. 

Wherever you look, energy prices in the news, and on the rise. 

Sadly, with Putin's Ukraine invasion continuing, we can't see this ending soon - so we're keen to help as many people as possible to find other ways to reduce their costs. 

continued advice

helping to turn the plan into reality

The Home Energy Report is designed for action - so we'll do everything we can to help you to turn our advice into reality and make a material difference to the life of your family and your impact on the environment. 

We'll be in touch with you directly shortly after your report has been sent through. We'll be there help to answer any queries you might have, and work with you to help guide your next steps

If we've flagged any potential grants, we'll do whatever we can to help you to access them, and we'll always be here to flag any new initiatives or great deals - such as better mortgage rates - that you might be able to access because of your green credentials

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