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making your home greener

Home Energy Report

At home surveying, our mission has always been to help home owners and purchasers to have all the information they need to make the right decisions when it comes to their property. 


We know that your home will almost definitely be the biggest thing you ever purchase, and we're also well aware of the rising cost of energy, and the impact that fuel prices can have on your quality of life. 


That's why we've worked working alongside our sister company enable, whose mission is to make Britain's homes greener, more energy efficient and cheaper to run.


Together we've created the Home Energy Report. It's intended to complement the advice and information our surveyors will give you, by providing you with detailed information about the energy efficiency of your home, and a plan of action to make it a greener, cheaper, happier place to live. 

making a real difference

answering your questions in detail

When you book a Home Energy Report we ask you to help us refine the report to match your needs - not just the needs of the property itself. 

You could be looking to make your property as green as it could possibly be. Or you might be keen to find the most efficient ways to make your home cheaper to run. Or maybe you're investigating purchasing a buy-to-let, and need to reach an EPC rating of C or above, but have tenants that you don't want to disrupt. 

You might be interested to know that there are now improved mortgage rates available from some banks for homes which are energy efficient. We all know that interest rates are increasingly challenging, so whatever your mortgage type, it might be worth considering the cost benefits of improving your energy efficiency.  


To help to point us in the right direction, we'll ask you to choose one of the following six options

with no intrusions


to reduce bills

Online Finances
Insulation Installation
home insulation

keeping warm without burning too much cash

The first thing your energy assessor will do is to investigate how much heat generated inside your home is lost to the outside world.

You might already know that homes in the UK have some of the leakiest insulation in all of Europe - and that we have to spend more money and fuel to get them warm as a result.


If you were just to look at adding loft insulation, you would reduce your carbon footprint by about 55kg each year, as well as saving hundreds of pounds.


If you live in one the 50% of British homes that have walls with no insulation at all, adding cavity wall insulation to a medium-sized house would save almost £300 every year

helping your home to breathe

proper ventilation is often overlooked

Of course it's vital to make sure your home is well insulated if it's to become more efficient - but if your plan doesn't also include ventilation, your property simply won't be able to breathe.

Making this mistake will inevitably lead to damp and problems with mould, which can cause particular problems for families with pre-existing respiratory issues such as asthma. 

It's amazing, therefore, that ventilation isn't considered or highlighted when you have an EPC completed - and our Home Energy Report is designed to plug that vital gap. 

Our plan of action will balance the insulating measures we recommend with appropriate ventilation. We'll investigate whether you have the right door undercuts, check your air bricks and help you to understand what else is needed to help your home to breathe properly. 

Hand Opening Window
Adjusting Temperature
heating your home

helping you to save money and become greener

When you're looking at your home energy's biggest costs, and what affects your carbon footprint the most, how you keep your home warm in winter is usually top of the list.

We all know that the cost of fuel continues to rise, even with the government's help, so it's important that we look at your options for heating your home - whether that's looking at radical green solutions, or simply recommending that you replace your boiler with a more efficient one. 

We'll also let you know if there are any government grants that you can use to help fund this sort of work - making the potential cost savings even greater. 

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powering your home up

lighting up your home, but cheaper

In 2022 there's much more to reducing your electricity consumption than simply remembering to turn the lights off, or making sure you don't just leave your TV on standby. 


Our Home Energy Report looks at your lightbulbs and appliances, and makes recommendations on what models you can choose to reduce your expenditure and carbon footprint

And we'll also investigate what can be done to help you to generate your own power or get access to greener electricity. We are experts are helping to source Photovoltaic Cells and pairing them with the right battery units to make sure you can provide for as much of your own power needs as possible. 

And if you have specific needs, such as to power an Electric Vehicle, we'll be able to investigate whether there are any government schemes you can join to help fund the initial costs

Decorative Lighting
continued advice

helping to turn the plan into reality

The Home Energy Report is designed for action - so we'll do everything we can to help you to turn our advice into reality and make a material difference to the life of your family and your impact on the environment. 

We'll be in touch with you directly shortly after your report has been sent through. We'll be there help to answer any queries you might have, and work with you to help guide your next steps

If we've flagged any potential grants, we'll do whatever we can to help you to access them, and we'll always be here to flag any new initiatives or great deals - such as better mortgage rates - that you might be able to access because of your green credentials

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