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Home Surveys

A property survey should be a priority when purchasing or selling a home. Home Surveying is a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated service offering comprehensive property survey services with a customer-first approach.

We offer RICS Home Survey Level 2. This is a visual inspection of the property that evaluates the overall condition of the building and documents apparent defects. RICS Level 2 reports are pivotal for buyers and sellers looking into conventionally or traditionally built houses and apartments.

Our home surveys help you mitigate risks associated with buying the property and ensure you're paying the correct market value.

As your preferred Home Surveyor, our survey experts will provide professional and transparent reports on the condition of the property. Our reports are easy to understand, using a traffic light system to detail the risks and concerns you need to know about before investing in the property

Building Surveys

Our RICS Level 3 Building Survey or Structural Survey is the most comprehensive, in-depth building inspection of a residential building.

We provide a detailed survey report detailing the property's overall condition. Our Building Survey reports detail the state of every element of the house and identifies property defects, possible causes, and the urgency of repair or maintenance.

This type of survey is suitable for large, old, run-down, or unusual buildings. Our expert surveyors' reports could save you thousands in unexpected repair costs. Besides providing you with a detailed analysis, our surveyors will take you through possible options and the costs involved.

We are dedicated to providing you with extensive reports with a comprehensive list of all the issues the surveyors believe could affect your property.

Private Valuation

Our RICS regulated and Target HCA-approved private valuers cater to clients looking for a valuation for a private sale, inheritance tax, capital gains, or other private reasons. We have RICS registered valuers with extensive field knowledge and experience who will provide you with an accurate valuation recognised by major industry bodies.

Our valuation reports are unaffiliated, unbiased and completed by qualified surveyors. Although private, you’re assured of integrity and unfiltered information to help you make informed decisions.

Help to Buy Valuation

Our Help to Buy valuation caters to homeowners who have used the Help To Buy Scheme and are now in a position to sell, re-mortgage, or start to repay the loan.

Our Help To Buy survey valuations are thorough and follow the exact requirements of the scheme. We are an RICS regulated, independent, and chartered valuer qualified to carry out HTB valuations. Our HTB valuation report will include all the requirements, including three comparable properties and sale prices where necessary. Entire interior and exterior inspections are completed, and the inspection report is completed on the appropriate letterhead and addressed appropriately.

Why Choose Us

Customer-first approach

We are keen on providing our clients with a smooth experience and assistance throughout the survey process. We have a responsive customer support team ready to respond to your question and concerns and guide you through our services. Our goal is to make the survey process as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. For assistance, you can reach out to us through our telephone number, email address, or the contact page on our website.

Qualified local surveyors

We hire the best, the most qualified and most experienced surveyors. We employ surveyors in your local area to ensure you get a qualified surveyor who understands the local real estate market for the most accurate surveys and valuation reports. Our surveyors are professional and friendly, providing comprehensive survey reports that give you peace of mind during the decision-making process.

Our local residential surveyors are RICS regulated. They have undergone the required training and testing and have extensive field experience. All our surveyors and valuers make use of modern techniques and skills needed in the field and receive regular training and professional development.

RICS Regulated

We provide a variety of RICS and private valuations using experienced local surveyors with expansive knowledge of the local housing market to guarantee accurate and detailed survey reports.

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, meaning we have met all the strict standards and requirements and completed the necessary training to attain the coveted certification. As RICS regulated surveyors, our reports receive a wider industry recognition; we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, providing unbiased reports with vital information to give you practical guidance.

Comprehensive valuation and survey services

At Home Surveying, you get a complete range of valuation and survey services from one national surveying company. You don't have to worry about hiring and managing different survey firms to complete different types of surveys and valuations. We have qualified surveyors and valuers specialising in other services to cater to all your needs.


Profound housing market knowledge

Besides training and experience, every valuer and surveyor at Home Surveying needs to understand the housing market. To deliver the best results, we hire surveyors and valuers in different locations and match our clients with professionals in their locality to guarantee extensive knowledge of the housing market in their area, which is reflected in the reports submitted.

Fast and easy booking process with a free quote

You can book any surveying services quickly using our short and simple online forms. We will provide you with a free preliminary quote customised to your needs after filling out a few details about the property. Our fast and efficient customer support experts will get in touch to finalise the details and get a surveyor or valuer to the property in the shortest time possible.

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